ðŸĶīBeagle Tribe NFT

Fighting for Basekonia

The Beagle Tribe is a collection of 10,000 unique, randomly generated NFTs representing the inhabitants of the sacred land of Basekonia. A Tribe that unites people who believe that we are #StrongerTogerther.

Becoming the owner of Beagle NFT shows that you are part of a growing community that believes in the future of cryptocurrency, Base Network and other benefits. Do things No One Does, have things No One Has


In the faraway lands of Basekonia, the Beagle Tribe lives in peace and harmony with nature. But when the evil Secreto leads an evil force that wants to conquer and enslave them, Beagle's leader Dominic, along with brave generals Smith, Tiron, and Bom, muster 10,000 tribe members of them to stand up to fight for peace for Basekonia.

Beagles Tribe fights bravely, using all their talents to protect his homeland, but Secreto threatens to destroy Basekonia with weapons of mass destruction. Dominic allied with the other tribes, launching an all-out attack. Finally, with the consensus and determination of the Beagle tribe and friends, they destroyed Secreto.

Basekonia kept the peace, and 10,000 Beagles became revered heroes, symbols of bravery and sacrifice. Solidarity has become the guiding principle for Basekonia, making Basekonia a famous mecca for harmonious coexistence.

Beagle Tribe's Public Sales:

  • Platform: min.fun (for everyone) & tribe.beagleswap.xyz (for whitelisters)

  • Network: Base

  • Total Supply: 10,000 items

  • Deposit: ETH

  • Start Date: 22th Aug 2023 - 13:00 (UTC)

  • Whitelist Price: 0.0085 $ETH per items

  • Public Price: 0.0095 $ETH per items

  • Distribution Method: FCFS

  • Eligible: Beagle Whitelister, Give Away and VIP. Whitelist here

Benefits for Holder:

Note: Information may be changed according to the actual conditions of the project

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